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22 April 2012
Prep prep prep
The wonderful and talented Joshua Fritz who has written and performed the music for Common Chord was kind enough to give me 13 online tutorial...
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16 December 2011
Merry In-Laws update
Being seen for the lead now, Peter Clause, in Merry In-Laws for Jackie Lind in Vancouver this Tuesday. Very thankful to Jackie for bringing me...
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15 December 2011
Stag the movie
Here is a short movie I just played the lead in. First time working on a creative dramatic piece with RJ Sauer's Brudder productions. RJ is...
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15 December 2011
Callback for Merry In Laws
Looking forward to a callback for "The Merry In Laws" shooting in Calgary in the new year. Being seen for the supporting role of Edwar...
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