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18 December 2009
Flashpont season 3, fingers crossed
Good way to end the 2009 year and hopefully start the new year strong. Just did a video audition for Toronto for a recurring character on Flashpont, a fantastic drama series. I would be playing one of the main character's (Ed) brother. Submitted the audition and will hopefully hear back in the new year.Great audition to...
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4 January 2010
Sticking in Calgary a little longer for Molson
Staying in Calgary from the Christmas season a little longer to do an audition for a national Molson commercial in which I would be a hockey player. Same casting director that just cast me in the pilot for the beer league hockey team show called The Ramsay Downholers, so hopefully that will help my chances landing this a...
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8 January 2010
Booked Molson
Was well worth staying around Calgary for a few extra days. It's always a gamble with no guarantees in this business but you have to take the chances to get the gigs. This one paid off. Booked a Molson Olympics commercial. Celebrating in the hockey locker room, SOC role. National ad, which is great because it pays ...
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19 January 2010
Olympic Spirit
Back in Vancouver and just had my first rehearsal for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I had missed the first one because of my Molson commercial in Calgary. During the ceremonies I will be carrying the name of a country in infront of the athletes. At the moment the country is announced, close to a bil...
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