Just finished the closing ceremonies, and still revelling in the glow of being a part of it all. Being on the stage with over a billion people watching for both the opening and closing ceremonies was an experience of a lifetime.

Highlight was meeting up with my longtime friend and skeleton world champion Melissa Hollingsworth during the closing ceremonies on the field of play. Got to catch up with her amidst concerts and thousands of cheering fans. I’ll never forget that time.

Check out Melissa’s blog: http://www.mellisahollingsworth.ca/blog.php

Back to hopefully a more busy time on the acting front now. Audition tomorrow for a smaller role on the Wyoming project, the US pilot I went out for the lead in.

Going out for a great project called “Sunflower Hour”, a comedy feature film directed by a very exciting up and coming director named Aaron Houston. Fingers crossed for this one. The character is one of the main cast, a bit of a nut job that has a leprechaun puppet alter ego.